Marla Frees

How Marla can assist you in your life! Psychically, Marla is able to see, hear, and feel information that provides truly unique insight about any aspect of a person’s life... their family, health, work, home, relationships, and even their animals. Marla refers to "Spirit” as the God force, the Holy Spirit and universal consciousness connected to us all. This is her source of information, inspiration, and guidance. This spiritual guidance comes to Marla in the form of visual pictures, mental movies, physical sensations, and words. She often receives information about past events, what is happening in the present and she can often glimpse the future. As a medium, Marla facilitates relationships between the living and those who have crossed over. It is Marla's experience that consciousness survives death. Her vivid connections reveal that the deceased continue to live, retaining memories and vibrant personalities. Marla can hear what the dead have to say, she can feel their emotions, and she can see what they want to show us. The combination of Marla’s unique skills makes Marla’s work transformational and very effective for those seeking guidance. Innate intuitive skills • Therapeutic studies and life coaching • Consciousness training • Remote viewing • Law Enforcement • Radio Host • TV and Stage